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Little Red: The Early Years

What's new?

9 October 2005 -- I'm adding on 3 new fics to the last update, since I haven't yet gotten around to announcing it! All Atlantis. One was one I missed last time, back from June, and two new ones, including the swficathon fic. Yay!

22 September 2005 -- Look! I'm actually updating in this calendar year! Yikes.

Because of my spectacular update-y laziness, I have lots and lots of new stories in this update: mostly Atlantis, for it is my crack at present, but also SG-1, Babylon 5, new-skool Battlestar Galactica, and The X-Files. Oh! And I totally forgot: four new Enterprise stories! Lilwitchy also made me some lovely new covers for some of my old Atlantis drabbles! I love cover art.

For a different kind of fandom gleee, check out Zero. Point. Snark., an Atlantis (and potentially other series) project of snarky recaps by myself and Pooh.

That's all for now... hopefully it won't take me another year until I update again! -- Little Red

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There is fanfic on this site. The characters and universes described therein have been created by people much more important than me. I just play with them. Thank you, the end.

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