AUTHOR: Little Red


CATEGORY: drabble. challenge (from atlantis100, "drunken antics"). Sheppard/Weir.

SUMMARY: He is never going to be able to look at her across the briefing table again.


Oh, God, he's naked.

So is she, but that doesn't really make him feel any better, because the she in question is 1) his boss, 2) his friend and 3) sliding her leg between his in her sleep.

And that -- damn -- feels much, much better than it should, given items 1 and 2.

John untangles their legs before... well, before. Elizabeth shifts, snuffles, and then starts as soon as her eyes open, definitely making her own list of why this is so wrong.

"We were drunk!" is his excuse.

Elizabeth frowns. Her voice is rough. "Not that drunk."

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