Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

completed stories

Aristeia (written 2003)

category: Julian/Jadzia Dax romance, post-ep for "Prophet Motive"
rating: PG for sexual innuendo
summary: "At some point, he was going to have to hear the truth, that it didn't matter how much he'd changed or grown up or how much she respected him. Nothing was ever going to happen between them. He was already having a rotten evening, so he might as well get it over with."
cover art by nenya.
(38 kb)

stories in progress
posted sections subject to change, new sections uploaded as written

Crossing the Lines (updated February 16, 2004) (84 kb)

rating: R, for violence and sex
category: Bashir/Ezri relationship, and a brave attempt on my part at actual plot!
summary: How far will Dax go to save her homeworld from Dominion occupation?
cover art by nenya.
status: temporarily inactive WIP
next part expected: unknown

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