Star Trek: Enterprise

*NEW!* Equilibrium (written May 2005)

rating: PG
category: T'Pol. Trip/T'Pol
spoilers: post-ep for "Bound." General information for everything up to that episode, most notably "Awakening."
summary: It has been too long since T'Pol was last alone.
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*NEW!* Recess (written May 2005)

rating: PG
category: Hoshi/Travis friendship/UST. Trip/T'Pol.
spoilers: "Observer Effect." Vague spoilers for "Countdown." Inspired by something from "Dead Stop," but no spoilers.
summary: They just do it because they like you.
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*NEW!* Language Barrier (written May 2005)

rating: PG-13
category: Mirror Universe. Hoshi/Travis, Hoshi/Forrest, Hoshi/Archer. (Oh, how I love my mirror universe Hoshi...)
timeline: set a while before "In A Mirror, Darkly."
summary: She'd say it more often if it was called for, but it very rarely is.
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*NEW!* Moments Between (written April 2005)

rating: PG
category: Trip/T'Pol. Little Red fangirling T'Pol's mom.
spoilers: post-ep for "Home."
summary: After the ceremony, Trip stays the night on Vulcan.
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