TITLE: Fools and Fortune

AUTHOR: Little Red


CATEGORY: Sam/Jack fluff.

SUMMARY: A first date.


Their first date together and they were eating Chinese food.

Of course, this time they were in a restaurant. And unchaperoned. It wasn't candle-lit -- ambiance was way, way too much pressure -- but their table was tucked away in a corner with less than totally full lighting.

Carter snapped her fortune cookie in half expertly, without even causing a shower of crumbs. "For every road, there is an end and a beginning."

She tried to cover her blush by rolling her eyes and saying, "Now you."

He crumbled the cookie in one hand and extracted the little slip of paper.

"Learn Chinese."

She was rolling her eyes again, but not with awkwardness. "You have to turn it over."

He leaned across the table and kissed her instead.

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