TITLE: Priority

AUTHOR: Little Red

RATING: R for sex

CATEGORY: Sam/Jack, drabble-ish, fluff, smut

SUMMARY: Important things.


He makes her feel so good sometimes.

Sam wants this to make her want to cry, expects of herself that any emotion this strong will leave her unbalanced and in tears.

Jack pushes her over like a rolling pin and she laughs out loud, planting a foot to keep herself from going right off the bed. She goes to swat him with a pillow but he tears it out of her hand and throws it aside. It lands somewhere near the closet.

"I'm going to need that to sleep on," she points out, arching an eyebrow and trying to look disapproving. It's not easy, when he's next to her and naked and has one hand tracing deliberate circles on the inside of her thigh.

"No, you won't."

She's spreading her legs without even thinking about it. "What?"

"You think I'm going to let you get any sleep?"

She shoves him onto his back and crawls over him. He doesn't even pretend he's not staring at her chest. She loves what she does to him. She loves this. She loves him.

"Sleep is important," she reminds him carefully.

He grabs her hips and pulls her down. Her fingers dig into his shoulders and she gasps as she forgets everything for a moment except what she feels.

"So is this," he says.

She's not going to argue.

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