Title: "Water Soluble"

Author: Little Red

Rating: PG

Category: McKay/Weir, challenge ficlet.

Spoilers: "The Eye"

Summary: Rodney kisses her for the first time in the rain.

Author's Note: Another icon challenge ficlet, this time for Ari.

Rodney kisses her for the first time in the rain, because they both think they are going to die.

Kolya's back is turned, but only for a moment -- he has a gun and they are untrained and unprepared and unable to see through the water and fear. They can't hope to take him out.

When Elizabeth has eight minutes left on Kolya's latest threat against her life, Rodney closes the gap between them and she doesn't resist. She is shaking and tastes like nothing but rain, grasps his hands and squeezes with the strength of someone holding nothing back, and he falls in love with her.

She almost dies three more times before the end of the day.

It's almost a week before he mentions it, before he has had a chance to analyze this sensation and to separate out adrenaline from emotion. He's almost positive he didn't imagine it.

"That thing that happened, in the rain..." the phrasing is awkward, and he knows she could take it as any number of other things -- nearly dying, nearly watching him die, nearly losing the city -- but it's as specific as he's willing to get. He shouldn't bring it up at all, but it feels like a pressure building in his brain, like rational thought can't coexist with this feeling until he knows.

And his thought processes are more important than most. Elizabeth would approve of his reasons for seeking answers, if she knew what was at stake for the entire expedition.

He hedges, because he likes to be right, "That was just because we were about to be executed, right?"

Elizabeth freezes, electronic pen hovering three inches from her PDA.

He shouldn't have accosted her about this in her office, either. The walls are glass and everyone in the control room can probably see how much of a fool he's making of himself for thinking, for even considering that she of all people...

"I mean, you wouldn't, right?" He's babbling now, so intensely that he doesn't even notice her getting up from her desk. "Not... with me, if we weren't facing imminent doom and destruction, then-"

Elizabeth grabs his hand, the one he's using to gesture wildly about his own foolishness, and his words trail off. Her fingers are warm now.

"Is that really what you think?"

He has nothing to say but "Yes?"

The second time, she's the one who closes the gap.

He doesn't resist.


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