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updates past

7 January 2005

-- More Stargate: Atlantis stories! The addiction continues.

15 October 2004

-- I have not updated since the dawn of time, so there is... a lot new. The MOST exciting part is that my website is going to be made pretty by stars_like_dust! She has made my Stargate page pretty as a teaser.

Lots of new stories: 10 new stories on the Stargate page, including pants!verse and mini!OTP fic. My Atlantis section actually *exists* now, and has lots of new stuff. I have two new X-Files fics, and one new Voyager fic. Be entertained!

Also for your entertainment... pleasure... I have posted one of the Voyager fics I wrote When I Was Very Young to the Little Red: The Early Years section. The universe plays a cosmic and yet largely unexplained April Fools' Day joke on B'Elanna Torres by sending her to a parallel universe where she and Chakotay are married. I was 13. Drinking game suggestions included.

There are a few things here that haven't been posted to my livejournal yet. I may get around to that soon, or I might flake out, but now it is somewhere :)

8 June 2004

-- One brand-new fic ("Home Economics"), one "I finally got off my ass and uploaded it" fic ("Real Life"), and one new drabble ("Headlines") on the Stargate page.

And new *Cover Art!* by nenya!! For my two DS9 stories. YAY! Check it out: "Aristeia" and "Crossing the Lines."

8 June 2004

-- Proper update! Finally! Upgraded software (sexy sexy new laptop... *pets iThor*) and mono are not a productive combination.

Since my last proper update (some of these have already been uploaded in mini-updates) I have posted 4 new Stargate stories, all Sam/Jack: "Traditions" (canon-style birthday fluffiness), "After All" (angst, love, hurt-comfort-ness of a sort), "Threshold" (fluffy future wedding-related fic), and "Two Words" (first drabble ever!).

In *other* spectacular geeky coolness, Tammy made me *cover art!* for two of my stories!! Check it out: "Threshold" and "Painting it Blue."

Apologies for fantastically sucking on the D/J front and particularly the "Second Chances" front... hopefully more of that will be coming soon.

22 March 2004

-- Mini-update. New Stargate fic. It's S/J, and a bit darker than my usual fare... "After All."

All the usual promises about a proper update with fun things and more "Second Chances" goes *here.*

*muchlove!* to all...

10 March 2004

-- Another mini-update, just to post a new Jack-centric Stargate fic called "Traditions". You know it wouldn't be me without *some* hint of romance involved, so there's that in there, too.

Other stuff, more "Second Chances" included, is coming once the everpresent mono of death abates slightly. Promise. :)

4 March 2004

-- As I am still in Massachusetts under the twin yokes of mono and dialup, this update is little: mostly, a new chapter of "Second Chances" on the Stargate page. Also, a window into the bizarre way my brain is now processing information in the form of a bunch of sad and odd thoughts about my county here. As far as "Second Chances" goes, I am dumb as toast while ill with this and it hasn't been looked over by anyone else yet, so please, for the love of all that is sacred, if you get too confused or bored to finish this part or have any other comments, tell me and I will fix it. Well, I'll try. But still, do tell me.

Big plans still exist on The Early Years front, but I've been too brainless to come up with an appropriate drinking game or figure out how to properly recode stuff from late-80s word processors. So they're still just big plans at the moment. *shrugs*

*love!* to all.

16 February 2004

-- This update brought to you by the benevolence of my Internet Guru and big brother, Redbeard.

So! In honor of what Amanda has designated "Monday WIP Day," I have uploaded the WIPs I've been promising: "Second Chances" for Stargate, "A Fine Romance" for The X-Files and "Crossing the Lines" for Deep Space Nine. Again, I caution -- the hiring of hitmen to encourage me to complete these stories will not be tolerated. Heckling via email is, however, acceptable.

I also tossed up my high school graduation speech on the Little Red: The Early Years page, although I wasn't quite sure where it should go. It's a thing of yore so I guess it belongs there, even though it isn't a story.

In terms of new stories, I uploaded "Saying It" just in time for all your shmoopy Sam/Jack post-valentine's day needs.

Coming soon... I found a diskette containing all the stories I wrote when I was 9, which, aside from a few ridiculous and incomplete attempts on my part to write about the wacky hijinks of fictional children living in an ashram, appear to mostly be unfortunate rip-offs of the Sweet Valley book series. Also, I rediscovered The Wonder That Is my series of stories about third-grade pet detective sweethearts (the romance! the intrigue! the agony of times tables!). Also: Baby's First Fanfic stories hailing from the Voyager fandom. All to be uploaded once I sort out all the formatting issues that come from things written in Word 3 and The Writing Center.

31 January 2004

-- This is sort of only half an update, so I didn't mention it on my lj, but I've added what I have of my Stargate work-in-progress megafic "Second Chances" to the Stargate page. PLEASE let me know any thoughts/comments you have about it, from typos on up, because it's not finished and I really would like it to not suck. I still pretend that I'll have it finished before "Heroes" airs but... that's the same night as the party I'm organizing for King House, so this may be a good time for a resounding chorus of yeah, right. But, hey, I can still try :)

20 January 2004

-- One new Stargate story, "Painting it Blue". Or: Little Red: The Fevery Randomness Continues. Whichever. *grin* Lemme know if you like it, though, because I still feel sort of silly. *I* like it, but in my current state, that's not saying all that much.

I'm thinking of posting a few of my more active WIPs here, with big disclaimers about not being allowed to hire hitmen to rid me of my kneecaps if they don't get finished... so watch this space! Or something.

*much love!* to all.

16 January 2004

-- It's easier on the eyes. Tables and less bright backgrounds = wonderful things. Props to webmonkey and to the random people whose source code I looked at to help assuage my incompetence. If something still looks wooky, please let me know -- my computer screen is apparently more forgiving, contrast-wise, than most people's... so alert me if I've accidentally made you go blind.

Also, I've added a musings page, for Deep (or Not So Deep) Poetic Thoughts And Musings, and anything else that doesn't fit in the "stories" category or belong on my livejournal. Currently there are two things in there but neither of them really count as "new" since most st. a folk have heard them before.

On the topic of things that st. a folk have heard before and therefore don't really count as new, I've also uploaded my original story "Basics". For those of you who don't know, and are yet still incredibly geeky, this story has nothing to do with the Voyager episode of the same name -- I just have a habit of compulsively naming stories (and, occasionally, term papers) after obscure Star Trek episodes. Because there's something wrong with me. I don't know.

8 January 2004

-- Um... it's *all* new. At this exact moment in time, this website is bare-bones enough to make anyone with aesthetics scream... but at least it is a website containing information, which is more than could be said of it for the past three years. The fact that anything is here at all entirely due to my beloved big brother redbeard, the fact that it is crap is entirely due to me.

At this point, I just wanted to get some things up to see if I could do it, so I've uploaded some fanfic and some original stories, all of which are completed and most of which have been previously "published" somewhere on the internet before. Eventually (read: after GC) I will hopefully edit and post some new stuff, perhaps post my WIPs here, and post personally humiliating fanfic efforts from my childhood, arranged by how old I was when I wrote them and perhaps with suggested drinking games if they are really really bad, to be found in the section titled "Little Red: The Early Years."

And, like a good little webwench, I will eventually get a more comprehensive list of links to my friends' pages, perhaps toss up some images, and perhaps make this look somewhat less than all-consumingly ugly.

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