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*NEW!* Same Old Thing (written February 2005)

rating: G
category: Doggett/Reyes friendship/UST.
summary: Little morning rituals.
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completed stories

Bodies at Rest (written October 2004)

rating: PG
category: Doggett/Reyes UST
challenge: first-line meme. Isabelle: "Monica slumped against the wall of the elevator as she waited for the doors to close and the car to ascend to the surface."
summary: Friday. Again. And nothing ever changed.
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ad interim (written August 2004)

rating: R for talk of f/f and m/f sex
category: Scully/Reyes. Mulder/Scully. Mention of Doggett/Reyes. Angst.
challenge: Scully/Reyes, including the line "No, I can't believe that."
spoilers: vague ones for "William" and "Jump the Shark"
summary: This is only a way of holding his place.
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Tight Enough (written 2002) -- 2002 Spooky Award winner! (2nd Place for non-NC-17 Doggett/Reyes Romance)

rating: PG-13
category: DRR, ex-FRR-ness, angst, love
summary: "We all figured you left when Brad Follmer started holdin' on too tight." "Maybe he never held on tight enough."
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indiscretion (written 2002)

rating: PG-13 for some disturbing sexual situations
category: It's DRR, I swear to God! Other people show up and remove clothing, but it's definitely DRR. Monica POV.
summary: "You're in a lot of trouble now, Monica. You thought you could handle it. For John, you thought you could handle it. And now it's three in the morning and you're falling the hell apart. Great."
(65 kb)

Permanence (written 2002)

rating: PG-13 for kisses and skin
category: DRR, *fluff*
summary: An indefinite proposal.
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stories in progress
posted sections subject to change, new sections uploaded as written

A Fine Romance (updated 2003) (424 k)

rating: PG-13 for the kind of graphic, ritualistic violence you expect from the X-Files, and for the (non-graphic, non-ritualistic) sex you don't.
category: DRR, casefile. Doggett POV.
summary: Doggett must solve a fifteen year old murder case and sort out his feelings for his partner.
status: inactive WIP
next part expected: unknown

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